1. Make a knot large enough so it will not slip through the hole in the lever.


2. With the rotor lever in the proper position, wrap the string around the stop arm between the

stop arm and the lever.


3. Make a figure 8 around the string set screw on the stop arm (string...

1. Oil rotor body and spindle.


2. Install spindle through top plate.


3. Install the stop arm and screw.


4. Install rotor and top plate into housing body aligning the notch in the top plate to the housing

and tighten locking ring.


5. Reassemble the F slide and bell secti...

1. Place rotor oil on the body of your rotor as well as both the long and short spindle.


2. Install rotor into housing- long spindle first.


3. Gently push the rotor into the housing with your thumb on the short spindle while spinning

the rotor with your other hand on th...

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