We offer full service repair on all makes of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.Repairs we do fall into two groups; playing condition (PC) and full restoration. All PC repairs are done in our shop. Most restoration, minus some refinishing and plating, is done in our shop.



Woodwind Repair Services:
  • Adjustment and Regulation

  • Pad Replacement

  • Complete Re-pads

  • Restoration/Refinishing and Plating Services

  • Dent Removal

  • Solder Work 

  • Crack Repair/Pinning

  • Tenon Repair and Replacement

  • Full Cleaning Services

  • Key Brazing (Silver Soldering)

  • Cork Replacement

  • Key Fitting/Swedging

Brass Repair Services:
  • Chem Cleans

  • Dent Removal

  • Solder Work

  • Restoration/Refinishing and Plating

  • Stuck Slide Removal

  • Customization Work

  • Rotor/Valve Fitting

Percussion Repair Services:
  • Head Replacement

  • Hardward Repair

  • Shell Damage/Crack Repairs

  • Mallet Instrument Repair

  • Timpani Pedal Repair and Regulation

  • Restoration/Refinishing Services


Monday-Friday    10am-6pm

Saturday               10am-2pm


20436 Lynchburg Highway, Suite J

Lynchburg, Virginia  24502