Rotor Oils

The type of rotor oil used is important to how well your rotary valve works. Here are a few tips to

help with your oil selections.

1. Not all rotor oils are the same. Use high quality rotor oil. We recommend and use the

Hetman line of oils in our shop.

2. Use oils with needle applicator tops.

3. Do not mix synthetic and petroleum based oils. If you are using petroleum based oil and

wants to use synthetic, clean your rotor toughly before applying the synthetic.

4. Different instrument require different thicknesses of oil. For example, Bach rotors tend to

use heavier rotor oil where Yamaha rotors need very thin oil. If your rotor has a sluggish

feeling, try thinner oil. If it is noisy, try thicker.

5. Use thick oil for your linkages.

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