Restringing Traditional Rotary Valves

1. Make a knot large enough so it will not slip through the hole in the lever.

2. With the rotor lever in the proper position, wrap the string around the stop arm between the

stop arm and the lever.

3. Make a figure 8 around the string set screw on the stop arm (string set screw #2 in diagram

below). Lightly tighten set screw. This should hold your lever in position.

4. Wrap string around the other side of the stop arm making sure to go UNDER the string you

just installed in step 2.

5. Thread string through lever arm and wrap around the string set screw of the lever arm (string

set screw #1 in the diagram below. Tighten the screw.

6. Test your rotor. You can adjust the position of the lever by loosening string set screw #2,

moving the lever in the position you desire and retightening.

7. If the lever seems to “bind” when you depress the F trigger, hold down the trigger and loosen

string set screw #1 very slightly and retighten immediately without letting off the trigger.

8. If the rotor string seems to be loose, the rotor is noisy or action is sloppy when depressing the

F trigger, hold the excess length beyond string set screw #1, loosen the set screw slightly, pull

the excess loose string out and retighten immediately.

9. Make sure to leave enough extra string so you can restring easily next time and cut off any



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